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“Michele is a great instructor whose enthusiasm makes learning to dance very enjoyable! We signed up for lessons thinking it would take weeks to be able to dance, but after the first class we could practice and master the basics at home. Michele made complicated steps easy by breaking down the feet and arms separately. We’ve had so much fun we plan to take more lessons from her in the future!”
Meredith Coley & Dan Morgan

Many people have either had bad experiences on the dance floor or they simply weren't taught how to dance.  I believe that anyone can learn to dance and that most students underestimate their own potential.  Patience and clear methodical teaching techniques are what I am known for.  Each dance is broken down into graduated steps that make logical sense.  I have even been successful with those students that were completely adamant about their inability to learn.  I specialize in students with two left feet.

Dance in Boston welcomes all communities including GLBTQ.


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