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Video of First Dance (click to view) choreographed by Dance in Boston. Dancers Andy Percey & Michiyo Haghara

"Agnes and Ron danced flawlessly at their wedding!  I must say, I was very impressed especially with the choreography of their last dance and I have seen many, many of my clients (brides & grooms) dances after they have taken lessons from other studios all around. You did a great job with them & it showed!”
Kelly Scriven, Wedding Planner, Kelly the Bridesmaid

The secret to enjoying that special day PREPARATION!  Have you thought about, how you are going to walk out onto the dance floor.  Or how you will end your dance and everything in between. Don't wait until the month before your wedding and
get stuck doing the “high school clutch and sway”

With all the emotions of the day, it would be easy for your mind to go blank.  Like typing or driving a standard car, you need your body to respond automatically which is called muscle memory. When your muscles can do something without thinking that’s when you are free to enjoy the moment.  It takes time to develop muscle memory so start lessons now so you will feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor and have one less thing to stress out about. 

To learn how to dance I offer three options. A  wedding group speed course sm which takes place for two hours in one afternoon, private dance lessons which are personalized to meet your specific needs or you could do a combination of them both.

After spending thousands on the wedding of your dreams don't leave your first dance to chance.  Whether you want to dazzle your guests or just be able to move gracefully together to the music, I am happy to help you reach your goals.

Dance in Boston welcomes all communities including GLBTQ.


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