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Michele is a wonderful instructor. After only 5 private lessons she had taught us the choreography to our entire first dance. We hadn't original believed that we had the ability to do such a complicated routine but she proved us wrong. We are a true testament to her amazing ability as an instructor.”
Ben & Jill Galluzzo, wedding August 25

Private dance lessons are completely personalized to suit your needs from flexible scheduling to customized instruction.  Learning to dance for your first song, your last song and the wedding reception will allow you to enjoy your special day that much more.  It's a wonderful opportunity to learn some- thing that you will use and share together for many years to come!

Steps to waltz, foxtrot, swing or any other of the fourteen dances I teach will be the types of dances you will learn.  The unique qualities of your music's composition, how it coordinates with your dance, the size and layout of your dance floor, your abilities and expectations are all things taken into consideration when choosing the right dance steps.  Whether you want a choreographed routine, a general outline or just a few simple steps, private lessons are designed to accommodate you individually.

What's most exciting about private lessons is not only will you learn dance patterns specific to your song, but also how to adapt those steps and use them to dance to many different types of music.

Dance in Boston welcomes all communities including GLBTQ.


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