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“My husband and I wanted our first dance to be fun - we didn't want to rock back and forth on the dance floor, while everyone else counted the seconds until the song was over. My husband can dance, I can't. As someone who not only can't dance, but who has never taken a dance lesson in my life, I was a bit nervous, to say the least. Michele was professional, positive, and an absolute joy to work with. Even though my husband and I were at different skill levels, she was able to work with both of us at the same time and, miraculously, teach us to dance well together! At our wedding reception, if I can say so myself, we knocked their socks off!”

Shauna & James Kelley, married October 12th

"Thanks so much for your patience and flexibility during our private dance lessons. All of our early preparations enabled us to give our absolute best performance for our first dance as man & wife. Some of our guests laughed at our choice of song, but we had a lot of fun with it. Hope to see you soon for more lessons."

Meryl & Jeff Post, married November 3rd

"We just wanted to thank you for giving us the most wonderful dance lessons. We really felt confident when we got onto the dance floor for our first dance and by the time our swing dance came around at the end of the evening, we didn't want to stop dancing!! Everyone we talked to said we did great and we couldn't have done it without you. We appreciate your patience and flexibility in bringing the moves to a level that we could understand. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Sally & Eric Peterson, married July 20th

"Thanks so much again for making our first dance so special for our April wedding! Our cha cha to "Love of My Life" was a huge hit - people couldn't stop talking about it, even weeks & months later!  Thanks so much."

Kim & Christian Force, married April 20th

"Michele is the best!  She is an enthusiastic teacher with loads of talent, great instincts and a knack for making learning to dance fun.  She has a wonderful ability to connect with students, both beginning and advanced.  After taking beginning & advanced swing, I can't wait to start working on my first dance with my fiance."

Andrew Barofsky, Brookline Adult and Community Education

"Thank you Michele for being a terrific dance instructor.  In just a handful of lessons, I found myself performing dance routines that, until now, I could only admire in others. Michele is a fun and energetic instructor who has a very easygoing teaching style. The experience has truly been a memorable one!"

Paul Tangusso

"Michele, I can not thank you enough for being so kind and patient with me. Your style as a teacher has been perfect for me and I have enjoyed everything you have taught us."

Dr. Leon & Simone Nathan, Brookline Adult and Community Education

"I was successful at something I have been a failure at all my life. Because of this class with Michele my wife is dating me again"

Anonymous from Brookline Adult Education

"We signed up for swing after never, ever having tried learning to dance. It was great fun and a wonderful discovery: Michele was always informative, always encouraging and accommodating, always low-key and always good humored. She made us feel relaxed and confident to learn more. Thank you Michele for teaching us something that has been a pleasure for both of us!"

Dr. Harry Mairson, Professor Brandeis University

"Our guests were so impressed that you taught two klutzes like us to dance! And being able to dance made the wedding even more fun. You're the best!"

Laurie & Dave Boone,  married September 19th

"Michele, Just wanted to thank you for making our daughter's 16th birthday party something she'll never forget.  Your energy and enthusiasm created an atmosphere of fun and excitement.  It was obvious they really enjoyed themselves. They're still talking about it!"

Lisa Stone


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